Apr 15, 2014


Eugen Doga R. Moldova 

Cries, moans lamenting.. Screams "don't go, don't leave me." Love lament turned punishments, love pain saturated heart, arrhythmia more lament  as if  "come back" "love will work it out." The notes fall used and tired begging again forcefully lamenting the last accord, humming "I'm here, I'll always be. Come back to me."

Apr 14, 2014

Awareness a Must

John H. Sklare, Ed.DPublished December 09, 2005
It’s your underlying belief systems that shape your thoughts which, in turn, direct your awareness. And there is a fundamental and significant difference between a thought and a belief. You see, it’s your belief systems that direct your awareness. Awareness operates, in much the same fashion, as your car lights do at night. Even though there is a whole world out there in the darkness at night, you only see what your headlights, or belief systems, reveal. This is very similar to how your awareness operates. In awareness, however, your belief systems act as your headlights. In other words, your beliefs focus your awareness in the same way that your headlights direct your vision.

Although awareness gets programmed in many ways, the most powerful are what we call beliefs. A belief is something you hold onto because you KNOW it is true. But unlike a thought, which actually forms words or images in your brain, a belief system is generally silent. Our thoughts are much easier to manipulate and change because we are aware and conscious of them. It takes much longer to change a belief system. This is such an important point. Behind every thought lies the hidden program of belief. For example, if you don’t believe you can succeed at lifestyle change, you most likely won’t!

The truth is, if you don’t believe you can succeed, the battle is already lost. There is nothing more motivating or destructive than the power of belief. It can be your best friend or you worst enemy. The more aware you are of your underlying belief systems, however, the more powerful you become. And awareness is the key to creating that change. Awareness is like a beam of light in the dark room of your belief systems. It breaks through the darkness, shows the way and allows you to move with confidence. Today’s assignment has to do with awareness. Your mission: identify one belief inside you that holds you back in some way. Awareness is the first step toward change!

Wishing You Great Health!
Dr. John H. Solar

Cemetery Nap

It's past 4 pm and I'm on my way home from Brooklyn. A 30 minutes ride becomes a sleepdriving struggle as my eyes close and my head tilts and bobs beyond my control with every pavement denivelation. 

I drive up the crowded 48th St and passed the UPS yard I cross an intersection and slowly roll along Calvary Cemetery fence. At this point my eyes can no longer stay open. Eyeliner smeared under dark Blues Brothers sunglasses I wobble and jerk under the burden of sleep deficit. That makes me a graveyard escapee; I feel and look like one. 

Down a potholed side street I turn right instead of left and drive onto a narrow, winding path fenced by leaf stripping trees and gray headstones. 

It's quiet. No traffic. No people. Here, there a visitor or a landscaper. I pull to the curb next a mausoleum bearing a Italian name, recline my seat, sunglasses on, hands on my chest and I the temporary defunct descend into the convulsed world of REM. 

An hour into it I brusquely arise dazed and irritated at a nagging sound waving from my bag; my phone is ringing. 

"Dinner's ready, we're waiting for you, what's your 10/20? Hubby demands.

"I'm not far. I'll be home in 5 minutes." 

I hang up, refresh my eyeliner apply a fresh coat of red lipstick then, all rested and wide awake I drive the entire 0.2 mile home without incident. Around the kitchen table hubby and our two children patiently wait to dig in.

Calvary Cemetery -  Queens, NY

"Why are you late? Where were you? They chorally burst. 

And I tell. Once finished with the story of my cemetery nap hubby exclaims "So why didn't you stay there?" 

Apr 8, 2014

Fly Away Dream

Apr 4, 2014

Take a Little Pill Epidemic

Apr 1, 2014

Bucurii Indurerate

This is Romanian soul its beauty and grace in the many voices this instrument produces in the hands of Maestros.. Enjoy!

Mar 31, 2014

Humanity @ its Lowest

Images of an ongoing Holocaust.
And music to lull the sadness trip the pain.

Mar 30, 2014

The Viking Ragnar - Fimmel Travis

Fantasize and pant, pant..

The Vikings - Fimmel Travis as the Norse Earl Ragnar Lodbroke, every Thursday @ 10pm History channel has me lost in the depths of fantasyland where bloody battles and burning desires churn into absolute carnal madness

Mar 28, 2014

Sing, Gypsy, Sing.. Soul & Pasion

Sing, Gypsy, Sing..