Mar 14, 2014


Buttons fly off my faux suede skirt and my shirt is half open revealing big, firm and unrestrained breasts, I wear no man’s bra. Halfheartedly I fight him off when most of me wants to hold and snakelike slither on his hard, slim and blond fuzz covered body. 

He knows. He shamelessly begs me to surrender. Playfully I stretch to reach for my coat and he mounts on top pinning me under a storm of tongue pirouettes, I feel the moisture in his skin and I voraciously inhale his scent. A fraction of me still struggles. 

I wiggle and kick the china on the coffee table, it sidetracks his attention. Pushing him harder I slide from under his hold and run for the door. Dizzy and aroused with my clothes in disarray I make it outside the gate. 

Out in the street I stop to fix my hair and right in front of his ajar window I burst into laughter. I straighten my shirt over excited nipples and I cover my wrinkled, buttons missing skirt with my coat. 

Walking toward the courthouse on Palat St I chuckle and breathe a sigh of... confusion.. am I glad I didn't do it?


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