Nov 1, 2012


The hot sun blazes a trail on the road connecting the south city and the northern hill farms. In the crimson light the path distends and climbs capriciously piercing the dark shadows of the forest. It unfolds totally quiet and deserted. No cars. Not a soul in sight. Just the never-ending sky and the calming green split by the gray narrow pavement. 

Suddenly a hum breaks the weave of silence. Music. It blares, increasingly louder, nearer. Then, a slow moving convertible rolls into sight. Swerving to the sound a young woman drives bopping her head and bare shoulders to the beat. The wind whistles in her platinum blond hair and she's happy for no reason at all. A strapless dress clings on her voluptuous body and beneath it no bra or panties to encumber her sun cuddled skin. Her round breasts bounce against the soft restraint of her loose summer dress. Her body lustfully reclines behind the steering wheel. She's on her way to her farmhouse covering the top of the hill.

A bend in the road. A slight of wrist and she scoops a right on a slowly slanting run where she spots a speed trap. Under a pale steak of sky a spying police car hides facing the road.

Two perspiring officers lurk toward the pavement one officer stands back on the edge of the grassy knoll legs apart, hat pushed aside of a sweaty wide forehead while the other officer waving a handheld stop sign steps up to face the music. 

Officer and woman seize each other and grin.
"Hello officer"  
"Hello Miss" he smiles.  
She smiles back her full lips revealing a sparkling white set of teeth.
"Was I driving too fast, officer?"
"No, but I'd like.. to see your documents." he responds. 

Out of her bag she holds her license close to her chest. It prompts the officer to come a breath away from her. He leans against the door reaches for her hand, lingers his fingers onto her open palm, and slowly retracts with her license. He reads her name aloud, his flirty voice teasing her. She tips into the breezy window and his manly scent mounts her senses. Desires take hold of her mind; stunning nature, blue blanket sky, soft grass, and a hot eroti-cop within inches... 

She glances seductively at his dark tunic tight on his young muscular body then slowly lowers her gaze to his belt and the bulge burdening his zipper. Giggling she runs an index finger over his lower lip; prelude to a kiss and the eroti-cop leans forward about to open her door yank her out of her dress and take her..

"Patrick" his partner calls from the grassy paddock startling him back to reality. 

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