Mar 18, 2012

to be a Teacher

I left my job in the law firm to become a teacher.  At home we argue over my decision because the burdens it puts on our finances, my  husband refuses to listen or make sense of my motivations to teach. To him it seems absolutely senseless to want to “make a difference“ as the ad to “Teach NY” prompts on every bus, train and New York newspaper, it makes even less sense to give up a good paying job, one I struggled to get, and embark on a less paying and more demanding job. In his judgement one simple Eastern European proverb sums it all up; "the gypsy drowns near shore" in other words: you flunk just when your're about done! There is no point in explaining that one of the strongest reasons to embrace this profession stems from my own intricate past when teachers were the parents I never had, they were my heroes. Teachers fetched the light in the darkest trenches of my life and I know I can do the same for a child in need. I put an unlimited supply of empathy and compassion and array of ever expanding and enlightening knowledge accumulated through first hand experiences on two continents in more than three languages so with or without my husband seal of approval and support I must proceed. 
And I did!

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