Apr 10, 2012

Tricycle Trotter

                  I seize the moment grab my tricycle and escape to the street. 
Classic Red Tricycle (10)

Outside the gate I saddle it and take the uphill road. I peddle adrenaline through my 4 years old veins and with every knee circle happiness cloaks my soul and inner peace shields me into an exciting, new world. I peddle everyone invisible: nagging mother, threatening step-father, broom waving, witch grandmother, cooing, crying baby sisters,  taut, cold older sister. I'm only 4 but on my shinny moped I'm an explorer, a trotter, a child prodigy set out to conquer fear find love, India, or the new world. I do not know it yet but in my teens I will discover America. On this sunny day I'm just a runaway child, I'll be out in the streets past midnight when a good cop would safely return me home to mother but as I leave the yard and throughout the day life goes on undisturbed.. no one notices my departure no one misses me, no one worries, not that I want anyone to... yet a child can easily be forever gulped by the large, hungry mouth of an old city. And on this early summer day the streets are bustling with monsters and people enjoying the sun warmth. The city wiggles about like never resting tentacles of a giant octopus and no one  pays mind to a little girl on a red tricycle slaloming through packed streets. That is fine with me, for I'm venturing alone and brave, enthusiastic and ready to discover and learn, I am happy and neglect means freedom for me on my moped. To this day I am still peddling, it has become my nature to saddle on harsh realities and travel them away, this learned behavior lightened the impact neglect made on me as a child and it developed not only the explorer but the active problem solver in me, so instead of helplessly succumbing to fate I created a defense mechanism at the age of 4, it's been with me all these years and throughout a hardships punched life I'd saddle my tricycle and leave it all behind. Even today happiness wraps its colorful ribbons around me the minute I walk past the gate, ready to peddle.

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