May 11, 2012

Bushwick Teaching

Poor area public schools are disguised correctional facilities where teachers lock their doors do not open their windows and fear their students. In these areas teaching is reduced to managing the class and to being tough and loud and "in your face" to deal with students' rude, disrespectful or threatening attitude. A soft voice or a petite frame would most likely render you "incompetent" regardless of your dedication or qualifications. Some schools in "hard to staff areas" do their best to function and teach disruptive, unmotivated students without a discipline support system in place resulted from lack of funds and the misconception of freedom granted to students who cannot distinguish between right and wrong, good or bad. To make matters worse some administrators and secretaries seem to be on a planet of their own where no teacher has ever traveled successfully and productively before, for fear of humiliation. Union representatives like politicians collect dues and return big on talk  no action.

Under performance is marked by lack of materials, missing proper and up to date books, old curriculum and worst of all lack of services to consistently develop, assist and monitor students psychological, emotional and academic performance and progress. In areas where students bring myriad of problems into the classroom cutting jobs and not providing these services is outright criminal! After all, children are our future, and their education will produce the next generation of professionals: teachers, doctors, nurses, care givers and so on, or as Maya Angelou said it, "we will become their victims".

I grew up in a communist dictatorship and I remember my family living in fear without the courage to voice their opinion or to take action, I also remember those who lost their lives persecuted and prosecuted for speaking and acting against the system. I remember the deep seated fear and paranoia instilled by the politicians who governed through chaos, corruption, nepotism, and oppression. The telltale signs of communism are here; less rights, no voice, no action, confusion and fear of losing everything you worked for.

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