Jul 16, 2012

Caroline Roche & Regina Puckett

This post is inspired by
Caroline Roche http://carolineconsiders.wordpress.com/ and 
Regina Puckett  http://reginapuckettsbooks.weebly.com/blog.html.

       The abundance of inspiring Twitter people and blogs makes it hard to focus on my writings, it lends me a sense of faux gratification when I discover myself, my profoundest thoughts in someone else's voice and words, and I never cease to marvel at the art of "wordsmithing" mining these blogs.

      Caroline's blog and the Change for Better on JulyWish, resuscitated a bedridden need to make a change in how much thought and feel I put into some personal issues. I am not an obsessive one, or at least not as much as to hold grudges, get consumed with revenge scheming or lose sleep over getting satisfaction on what I consider insult or injury. All that being said I do catch myself over analyzing and re-interpreting what was said and done to me, and this I must change.

        Regina's blog and The Inner Life of a Writer gave me a clearer understanding of the what and the why of my JulyWish and Change for Better. I, like Caroline, do not seek someone to make things better for me, but wish to have that rise from within my own ground waters, and like Regina I am in fear of penning a boring "I" story catch 22 isn't it? I call it "tipofthetail" syndrome. 

       That brings me to the change; there'll be no psycho-analytical ranting about my hurt, I will channel all burdening thoughts and feelings into writings where insulting, injurious events and people turn into tales of an illusory breed of beings, the kind I can endow or cripple, diminish or destroy, in penning which would forever set them into the realm of Hades, hapless and harmless. My outcome; stronger, less encumbered by nagging thoughts, smithing insult into word art...

                                                     Thank you Caroline and Regina!

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