Aug 8, 2012

Literary Horror & the Wrong Button

I spent an entire week of my summer vacation head down burning eyes pasted on a MacBook screen. It was the week of my annual harvesting of fun memories, laughter and inspiration as I visit my three sisters residing in Europe. This year’s reunion zoomed by fast and sour on the slippery wings of an unforgiving time, it was a total let down, by Apple!

Day and night I swam deep into google inter-"niet" - (Russian for no) bowels opening, reading and applying all I found on "file recovering, reverting and converting" I perspired hope with each attempt to fix my problem and build my faith in Mac, while my three sisters shared my agony and tried to help; one connected me with a geek friend and made me laugh another fed me and gave me massages, and the elder gave sound advice; “get back to work and rewrite it all.”  

I'm working on my memoirs soon to be out in print and while traveling across the Balkans, laptop handy, I confessed my most inner experiences, feelings and thoughts to a Mac hard drive. Then, tragedy! I trusted Mac, and I clicked yes! As I reached my destination and about to run into the open arms of my most fun, most giggling sister I clicked the wrong yes and my entire life was saved in Numbers! 

I then force shot the entire engine and spent the next hours laughing worry free. Late at night when I write best, lodged by my sister in the comfort of a luxurious bed and a perfectly conditioned room I pulled out my Mac and realized the loss. Obsessive and compulsive I desperately searched, read, agreed and downloaded programs I never knew about. Night after night I froze next to the clean inviting bed to no avail 

 File corrupted, too long to convert in… still a ton of good learning came out of this struggle: .xml, .docx, .doc, .wps, .html, .tx and more... Encoded was the blue July sky, AdobeRead the luxurious white marble mansion and the splurging comfort offered by a generous and successful sister for all I ended up with was a overwritten tired mind and shattered hopes of file recovery. 

Now my memoirs look like this: .KABlg7INSH5zucEHBHJm27sYTzuFus5q1qHf8Qrhvoq82KwTpHWJJ4 UlIUpU2LDO6AFLVupw2dGTViz+VihrKUr5UGwx6EC+Mc7LcOD9qI3n5/OByNL4eYF31EOA4iuoar 

 What will this experience become is anyone's guess..  from my learning and teaching assessment it is clear that one can learn many things and skills but without practicing and adding enough information it is  nothing but perishable knowledge.  "Unpegged" learning spoils and rots useless just as fast as organic produce.

In my case this tedious collection and saturation of information will forever be remembered as sheer frustration, desperation and the betrayal of a MacBook button.

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