Dec 13, 2012

You Cannot Forget, Can You Forgive?

Dark alley, illegal abortion lives hanging by a thread…doomed from the womb Lisa is born into a life of hardships and abandonment she is Nobody’s Child. At the age of ten Lisa is stowed into an institution hundreds of kilometers away from home where she lives in fear and learns to survive without love without warmth. She longs for her mother and a family as she endures years of abuse and neglect growing up to face the damages. She leaves a poor below dirt communist society for America where she makes the most of her circumstances. Thriving and growing in accomplishments Lisa knows she must fight and win a heavy load of emotional battles. She knows she must forgive, forget and relinquish the pain start anew and forge ahead. If you ever had to forgive and forget and did not know what to do with the pain of bright burning memories this book is for you. Is it possible to forgive if you cannot forget? How? If you find the answers while reading Nobody’s Child spread the word, teach others including this author.

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