Sep 22, 2013

Europe Run

The house is about as finished as I ever envisioned it.. new doors, windows, a terrace and a facade, things it did not have in almost 20 years since it was first built. Central heating and soul and the house is alive and kicking!

It was the beauty of the green, private hill, and the accessible price that made home ownership "in the middle of nowhere"a reality and in few days the unfinished house became my "home-away-home" down the far side of south-eastern Europe. At that time I thought nothing of the economic implications starting with the road up and down the Danube hill, the water supply and its safety, the neighbors, the needed comfort or lack of it and the new somewhat primitive environment. It was the view and the scenery that maneuvered my senses, my irrational mind that transferred the money for a house in the God forgotten part of Serbia called "Republica Vlashka" became our property...

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