Dec 3, 2013

To FleE or NoT To Be

        I find classroom teaching deeply draining and highly rewarding.  Nothing new here, just old news a repetitive statement; it's been declared, proclaimed and printed a myriad times. My personal adage is that I, the nomadheart, do not envision teaching until retirement no matter how fulfilling, rewarding and ennobling of a job this is.

I find myself nostalgically checking the door or glancing out the window wishing I could be on the other side, and yes these could be just bad days or stages due to stress, sleep deficit, accumulated disappointment and every burden related to this profession. It could also be an indication that time for change is up, and I should act on it. I pride myself for not being afraid of change, moreover I seek change and I embrace it as the beat of life. I salute changes that could even if temporary ease the weight of cluttering thoughts going though my mind as the list of reasons to give up grows longer, thicker daily.


* Job Insecurity.
* The ever changing face of the "politics or teaching."
* The ridiculousness of "teaching" requirements and demands.
* The irrational teacher work time/effort & pay ratio.
* The load of paper work unrelated to teaching.
* Test-preps and standardized tests.
* Accountability as it only applies to some but not the others.
* Teacher (the political scapegoat) R A T I N G.

       These are just some reasons propting my decision to leave the field before retirement. And I must go while I can still run up the dirt road, swim down the strong waters, dream and marvel at the beauty of trees, grapevines the hill sunrise and the valley sunset. Go before the daily drainage seizes my mind dulls its luster and drops it  dry lacking drive and desire. The signs are here as I arrive home from work each day listless and about to collapse but pouring over lesson plans, data and grading papers.

       It sounds drastic and childish to give up a career I worked so hard for, embraced enthusiastically, and proudly dedicated myself to for years, yet it seems to be the only logical solution to a burdened and demoralized classroom gladiator.

The NomadHeart must prevail.
What do you think? Comments appreciated. :)

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