Jan 30, 2014

 Nobody's Child

10 years old
alone frightened and cold
behind a clanking door
mean loud cops.
High ceiling atop her head
under her feet gray cement floor
She shivers and cries on a rusted bunk bed
Staring at the hole 
high in the wall 
way up above
where a window alcove,
Filters dim light on her childhood morgue.

She weeps and sobs 
Next to a shroud 
Wool blanket 
smelly and rough,
sheared off sheep’s back.
Little girl drowns down a tear spout
but past the metal door cops laugh.

Still, her heart holds on to hope 
 "Mother will come to take me home." 

She climbs to the wall window 
time and again
to peep outside in the street, 
waiting to see Mother’s teased hair 
and her shiny red lipstick. 
It doesn't happen and she cries herself to sleep, 
to anger the heartless cops
who peek through the tight window grille 
and shout ugly invectives still.

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