Mar 19, 2014


Crisscrossing the highest peaks north to south over the Carpathian Mountains my young daughter engaged in blah and giggles dialogue with sheep and rams. 

Rolling through fog as thick as velvet drapes on a narrow winding path hanging from the sky 10,000 feet above sea level Mara and I laughed, sang and enjoyed every minute of it. It was a late August day just a week  before the route was scheduled to close for the cold season. The Transfagarasean trek is open between June and October, but it could also close in August if it snows, which happens quite often. Global warming, eh?

It was a treacherous trip, the roads slither like sleek serpents, need repairs, and the weather wasn't helping either; Carpathian summers are mild, short and sweet and as we got to the top freezing rain and constant fog hindered our drive and the view. 

The highlight of the trip was when at Poienari Fortress my daughter became a female version of Dracula the Impaler growing fangs and looking for food. I the vegetarian nomad brought only apples, plums and pretzels for the trip.

Still I'll do it all over in a heartbeat, come join me, friends!

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