Jul 16, 2014

Francesco Portelos


Tenure is for Girls! [and others who speak up]

Seriously… Is it not? Read Below.
Over a year ago I FOILed the number of probationary (nontenured) teachers discontinued in the NYC DOE in the last two years. I know, I could have just asked the UFT, but they wouldn’t give us the info. In fact, when I asked for the number of reassigned teachers, UFT Staff Director Leroy Barr wrote back ”
Mr. Portelos,
As the number is constantly changing and the DOE controls who is reassigned, I recommend you submit a FOIL request to the DOE for this information.”
In other words since babies are constantly being born and people are dying every day, you can never get a real population count. Right?
In any case I finally received the answer.
discontinued teachers
Yes. In just 2 years, in NYC DOE alone, 456 teachers have not made it past three years and been discontinued. Some in just their first year. Discontinued does sound better than terminated, but in fact all those, and over a 100 more since then, have been terminated and barred from teaching in the DOE again. Carmen’s DOE continues with this method.
There! Are you happy now Sam Pirozzolo, Mona Davids, Campbell Brown, David Welch and the rest? According to the demographics of those teachers that contact us at MORE, DTOE and my attorney Bryan Glass, Esq. they are mostly young females.
Young females who wanted to teach and help children since they were little girls. Teachers like Lydia Howrilka who dared ask her former Principal Arisleyda Urena for state mandated mentoring to improve her teaching and was then terminated and later falsely arrested and detained for 14 hours.
Young females like this guidance counselor who was ordered to do everything but counsel students. When she dared tell Principal Adonna McFarland that students aren’t getting services she too was terminated. http://dtoe.org/2014/04/25/carmens-doe-takes-another-young-career/
Young females like this one who wrote:
My observations were conducted on the following dates: May 13May 15May 16May 19 and May 20, plus one conducted on March 30. I only received 3 feedbacks for all 13 observations. At the Summative Conference on June 16 I was handed a rating of Ineffective even though my students showed steady growth according to the Benchmark Assessment, Periodic Assessment and MOSL, plus I have a Valedictorian, new ESL student and one Salutatorian also an ESL student.” More on this story later.
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OK, we get males contacting us too, but you get our drift. Where is the UFT? Surely you don’t see any of these stories in the NY Teacher. Instead you read Happy Happy stories of the “New Tone” at the DOE and pictures like this:

“Carmen, as long as I keep getting my $250,000 I don’t care what you do to my members.”

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